Musical Ambassadors Program

What is the Musical Ambassadors Program?

The Musical Ambassadors Program provides people who have limited exposure to the world of classical music with the opportunity to become more familiar with it. The program strives to reach people in settings that in fact are comfortable and familiar. Participants are encouraged to ask questions, sing along, and give the music some of their personality. Throughout this process, the levels of familiarity with the music and musicians will increase, and the Ambassadors will be more integrated into the community of classical music. We hope that they will attend our events with a more open minded, and appreciative view of what we do through this awareness program.


Who can get involved?

We recognize that there are people in our own community for whom classical music is unfamiliar, and maybe a little intimidating. Anyone in the community who would like to spend time getting to know our team, what we do, and what classical music means to us can get involved! We’d love to give our community insight into our world, and show them that classical music really is for everyone!

Why was this program put in place?

Every year, BSO performs at two non-Bloomington concerts in both Rising Sun and Spencer, Indiana. After performing, the members of those audiences always reach out to our musicians – shaking hands, hugging, asking to take pictures, and most importantly, saying that we’re the only live classical music they ever see! To us, that demonstrates a real need for reaching out to people who are not typically filling the seats in our concert halls. The Musical Ambassadors Program meets people where they are, and opens the door for many people to enter the realm of discovering the beauty and power of classical music. We want to spread the love!