Children’s Instrument Recovery Program (ChIRP) 

ChIRP is a program that loans instruments to at-risk families so their children
can participate in their school music programs. Instruments that are loaned are donations from members of the community and are refurbished by Lucas Marvell of Bloomington String Instruments.


Meet the Instruments

Meet the Instruments lets youngsters try all the instruments of the orchestra – from trombones to
snare drums to cellos – and get excited about making music for the very first time.


Side by Side Concerts

The Side-by-Side Concert program pairs high school students with orchestral mentors as they prepare and perform major orchestral works.


Youth Concerto Competition

The Youth Concerto Competition provides talented high school students with scholarships and a chance to play as a soloist with the orchestra. Violinist Joshua Bell was one of our first winners!


Musical Ambassadors Program

The Musical Ambassadors Program is for people who have had limited exposure to classical music and allows them to experience what classical music is about while getting to know members of the orchestra.