Strategic Plan

Bloomington Symphony Orchestra Strategic Plan, 2015–2020

The Bloomington Symphony Orchestra promotes a lifelong appreciation of music through the performance of the orchestral repertoire and outreach to the community in Bloomington and south-central Indiana.

Over the next five years, we will focus on accomplishing the following financial, organizational, and musical goals.


  • Increase ticket sales at least 5 percent annually
  • Increase the number of large donors
  • Increase net gain in donation from small/medium donors
  • Consistently monitor and control expenses.
  • Develop, track, and retain a strong core audience
  • Explore the possibility of establishing an endowment to partially fund the BSO



  • Hold board and staff to the highest level of fiduciary responsibility to the wellbeing of the
  • Provide clear performance expectations to both board members and staff, a transparent review
    process, and an appropriate support system.
  • Ensure continuity of high-quality board operations, while also generating consistent turnover in
    members and leadership to prevent stagnation.
  • Maintain a consistent and transparent process for communication between committees, board,
    staff, and orchestra members.
  • Monitor board and committee structures and projects for continued relevance to promoting the
    mission and effectiveness at supporting operations.



  • Continue providing the highest standard of musicianship and performance possible
  • Consistently work to recruit and retain an orchestra with complete instrumentation and a
    sufficient sub roster to enable performance of most of the orchestral literature
  • Utilize section leadership to improve the overall quality of BSO performances by continually
    developing the abilities of its individual members
  • Consistently recognize the work and contributions of orchestra members and sections
  • Increase the visibility of the BSO in the community
  • Develop strategic partnerships with other arts organizations and utilize them (and strategic
    programming) to reach new audiences
  • Strategically increase orchestra outreach (e.g., chamber ensembles) in the community as a
    supplement to publicity and reach new audiences


The primary work of reaching these goals is carried out by the following standing Committees of the BSO:

Community Engagement.
Operations and Development.
Strategic Planning Oversight.
Human Resource Development.
Orchestra Recruitment and Development.